Fairy Tails Little Red Chapter 5

Fairy Tails Little Red Chapter 5

Mr Wolf was starving. All morning he’d been trying to figure out a way to get something to eat, without any luck.

Mr Wolf was starving

Frankie the ferret and Jack Stoat didn’t like it when Mr Wolf was hungry. Sometimes he’d look at them with a funny little smile, as if he was imagining how delicious they might be covered in gravy, with peas and mashed potato on the side.

Stinky the rat didn’t have that worry. Before anyone could imagine eating him, they’d have to wonder how many baths it would take to wash off the years of caked on dirt and grime. Even then, you just knew there would be plenty of stink left over.

But Mr Wolf wasn’t thinking about eating his companions. He was looking for an excuse to get rid of them. Even if you put them all together, they weren’t much smarter than the rock Mr Wolf was sitting on. They hadn’t been any help all day. Mr Wolf thought he could do much better without them. Plus, when he did finally get some food he wouldn’t have to share any of it.

Mr Wolf watched as Stinky stuck a finger in his ear and pulled out a nasty glob of ear wax. He examined it carefully, possibly wondering how many calories it had, before sticking it in his mouth. Stinky rarely went hungry.

Stinky stuck a finger in his ear and pulled out a nasty glob of ear wax. Stinky rarely went hungry.

Mr Wolf gagged. “There goes my appetite,” he said, although he was so hungry that even Stinky’s ear wax was starting to look pretty tempting. He closed his eyes and imagined what it would taste like.


His eyes snapped open and his nose twitched.

“Cupcakes!” he said.

Looking around, he saw that horrible little hood girl skipping along with her mother. He hated how she was always so CHEERFUL! But he could almost put up with it if it meant he could taste one of Mrs Rabbits delicious cupcakes.

“Stay here!” he told his gang, and started to follow the cupcakes. He tried to be sneaky, hiding behind bushes and carts. He didn’t realize that Mrs Rabbit was in such a rush, she wouldn’t have noticed him anyway.

He could see the cupcakes bouncing around in Red’s basket, and was just coming up with a plan when he saw Red and her mother stop. He quickly froze.

Unfortunately he forgot to get off the road first. Mr Wolf was so busy watching Red and her mother, that he didn’t see the cart full of bricks coming straight for him. The pig pushing the cart didn’t see him either.

Mr Wolf was so busy watching Red and her mother, that he didn't see the cart full of bricks coming straight for him

The next thing Mr Wolf remembered was waking up and hearing laughter. He opened his eyes, and thought he was seeing double. Then he realized there really were two pigs pointing and laughing at him.

“Sorry about them,” said another little pig as she walked past, “They’re mean.”

It was quite a struggle for Mr Wolf to lift his head, after being run over by a cart full of bricks, and then trampled by the pig pushing it. But when he saw Mrs Rabbit leave Red all by herself. He was so happy that he almost forgot how much pain he was in.

He smiled. This was going to be too easy.

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